Fibreglass Nail Hammer(450 GMS / 13")

Fibreglass Nail Hammer(450 GMS / 13")
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  •  Hammer is a shape and size ideal for light duty tasks, carpentry or driving in nails. The curved claws provide better leverage to draw out nails with relative ease, while its Indestructible Fiberglass handle offers extra stability. It is of a durable construction to support regular use and get the job done powerfully. This hand tool is designed using quality materials for a quicker and better workmanship.
  • * Built For Power Made using tough quality solid steel, the hammer head has been hardened to deliver a good striking force and maximize efficiency.
  • *Balanced Weight It features a well-weighted head of 450 gm to facilitate the right balance. This improves its performance and gives you optimum control over each swing.

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